5 Tips to Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Feb 6

No matter how well you’ve prepared for your boudoir session, there’s one thing that can sabotage your final images:  not feeling at ease with your body. Many of us don’t feel comfortable in our bodies even when we’re fully clothed, let alone when we’re wearing lingerie in front of someone we just met — and that’s okay!  Boudoir isn’t something most of us do with any kind of regularity, so it’s worth taking some time to “get your head right” going in. Here, we’ll discuss our top five tips to get you in the zone, feeling yourself, and ready to take some dynamite images.  


Take Advantage of the Pre-Consultation!


While our other tips can help you build your confidence and accept your perceived “flaws,” the pre-consultation is crucial for planning your boudoir session and setting your mind at ease.  You’ll get the chance to meet us and get to know the team, talk about any concerns or particular insecurities you have, like a scar that you don’t like to show or any physical limitations that might come into play during your shoot.  


The pre-consultation is your time to get everything out on the table and talk about what you want from your images.  Taking the time to get to know each other will help you feel more comfortable on the day of the shoot, and it will also allow us to make sure that everything we do during your session supports your goals for your images.  We want to create art with you, and the best way to do that is to collaborate during the pre-consultation and the session itself to ensure that our creative visions align to produce finished images you’ll cherish.


Wear Comfortable, Loose-Fitting Clothes to the Studio


On the actual day of your session, you’ll want to wear clothes that are loose and comfy — skip the tight jeans or too-small bra that can leave unsightly lines on your chest, tummy, and thighs when you change into your boudoir outfits.  While these lines can usually be edited out, it’s easier on your photographer — and will create better finished images — if you can avoid them in the first place.


You’ll not only feel better in clothes that allow you to move and breathe normally, you’ll also look better when you put on your lingerie.  Red lines from uncomfortable clothing can throw off the look of even the sexiest, best fitting boudoir outfit, so make sure you avoid them by wearing clothes that don’t dig into your skin.


Do Touch Up the Important Things


You’ll want to look as put-together as possible for your shoot, so make sure you’ve handled those little things that make you feel more beautiful.  If you color your hair, get it touched up the week before so that you look fresh and flawless. Shave your legs the day of your session or, if you wax, get that done a day or two before your shoot to minimize redness while making sure your legs are baby-smooth.  


Take care of your eyebrows and any facial waxing you normally do, and get that mani-pedi a day or two before your session is scheduled to keep you looking put-together no matter how little else you’re wearing.  Try to choose a color that will coordinate with the clothes you’ve selected, or go for a classic French-style manicure that’s versatile and and timeless.


Stay Hydrated!


Make an extra effort to drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your shoot:  the extra hydration will flush away bloating and excess water weight, brighten and plump your skin, and ensure that you look your healthiest the day of the shoot.  You don’t need to lose that last ten pounds or take crash-diet pills to be beautiful, your body is perfect exactly as it is. Instead of trying to bring yourself closer to what you feel your body “should” look like, take care of it to make it a glowing, healthier version of itself for your shoot.  


As a bonus tip, you should try to schedule your boudoir session about a week after your cycle if possible.  We’re not saying that you can’t take dynamite photos while menstruating (you absolutely can), but most of us don’t feel our sexiest when we’re cramping, bloated, and fiending for chocolate!  The week after your period is when most of us have more energy, retain less water, and generally feel better.


Relax, and Have Fun!


Once you’ve taken care of all the things that are within your control, kick back and enjoy the day!  Boudoir is all about you, after all, and that means that the vibe you give off will have a lot to do with how the shoot goes.  Stay open and receptive to new ideas, work with the photographer and glam team to look and feel your best, and don’t forget to breathe!  Being relaxed, at ease, and in a positive mood will translate beautifully to your final images and convey a flirty, fun attitude that’s undeniably sexy.  


Boudoir photography can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!  You don’t have to feel self-conscious about your body — in fact, your images will turn out much better if you check your insecurities at the door and embrace the beautiful, vibrant skin you’re in.  There is no size limit on sex appeal. You are beautiful, desirable, and worthy exactly as you are. Schedule your session today to rediscover your radiant inner goddess!

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