5 Reinvigorating Ways to Use Your Boudoir Photos

Feb 21

You’ve experienced your amazing, empowering and life changing luxurious boudoir experience. You’ve received your beautiful images and amazed with the way your photos look and how they make you feel about yourself. You’re riding the way of a huge boost of confidence, strength and self-worth.

So, the next questions you will ask yourself is: How do I keep this boost going everyday?

Well, we’ve come up 5 tips on how you can use those great images to continue your self-love journey.  Let’s get started:


1. Put your pictures up around your closet.. I once had a client say to me that she wanted to remind herself every morning just how sexy she was before she put on her police uniform.  And so she bought Matted 8x11s prints and put them all around her bathroom and walk-in closet.  It’s so important  that you start your day off with a mantra reminding yourself how brave and beautiful you are.


2. We’ve got an app for that.. Don’t want to walk around with pictures in your pocket book, don’t worry, we’ve got an app for that.. With your in-phone app, you can use these beautiful images admire and celebrate yourself throughout the day. Or maybe show a friend or 2 at lunch.. either way, you can’t go wrong having your images at your fingertips.


3. You’re art and should be on the wall too… Surprise yourself and your family by putting up a beautiful large image of you in your living room. I know you’re thinking –  “OMG.. I could never put my goodies on display like that!” Well you’re wrong.. YOU CAN DO IT!  Image a beautiful silhouette  of your favorite body parts on a wall mounted canvas..  Your family and friends will never know it’s you. But you.. and you get to smile every time they admire your  wavy lines going across that frame.


4. Which month are you?? All off them… One fun thing a client did once was take 12 pictures from her session and created a calendar for her. Next to each picture was exactly what about herself she loved and why it was on her wall. She repeated those words everyday. A year later she came back to do it again and said she’s a different person because of it.


5. Make a nightstand stuffer…  if you’re worried about the kid stumbling across your images, one of the best ways to continue your self-admiration is by putting your favorite images in a luxury album and hide it in your  nightstand. This way you can use it when you need a little boost and then hide it way when you don’t need it.

I hope this article helps you! Let me know how it turns out. Remember, if you need anything additional help, I am here for you.

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