6 Ways To Make Your Boudoir Session Memorable

Feb 25

So, you’re thinking about booking an experience.  First off, congratulations because that’s an incredible first step!  Your nerves are probably going crazy.  That’s okay and completely natural — you’re more than likely going to be nervous the month before, the week before, the hour before, and as you step into the studio.  It’s completely normal, but, because it’s so common, I decided to compile some tips that can help you minimize your stress and soothe your nerves both before and during your boudoir session.


Utilize Your Pre-session Consultation

A pre-consolation is invaluable ahead of any boudoir shoot.  You’re probably nervous, and this meeting is an excellent way to acquaint yourself with me which really helps ease any pre-session jitters.  After meeting to discuss your vision for your boudoir shoot, we’ll feel like longtime friends (I promise!) which makes entering the studio on your session and stepping in front of the camera way less daunting.


Wear What Makes You Feel Great

I can’t stress this enough.  Wear outfits that make you feel amazing and that are true to yourself.  I’m all for pushing boundaries during sessions, but if you don’t feel 100% comfortable in what you’re in, it’s going to show in your photos.  If one of the outfits you chose isn’t making you feel amazing, let’s scrap it and choose something that does.  I want you to look in the mirror and feel super confident and super sexy — that attitude is what breeds an incredible boudoir session.


Bring Your Loved One

Need some extra support?  By bringing your loved one, you’re bringing along someone you trust to cheer you on can help ease your nerves.  While we don’t allow your partner in the studio for a solo shoot (too many people can be distracting for both you and me), they can cheer you on regardless and just knowing that they’re there for moral support is invaluable. Or, you can make some incredible memories together and photos to cherish forever by doing a steamy couples shoot, available as an à la carte addition to any session.


Always Communicate Your Needs

As your photographer, being open and honest with me is super important and will help your session go smoothly.  If you’re feeling nervous, tell me.  If there’s a particular part of your body you don’t want to show, let me know and we’ll work around it.  If a pose is making you uncomfortable, I want to know.  If you need a break… if you’re thirsty… if you need the restroom, tell me!  You get the idea… This day is about you, and you should enjoy every single moment of it.  When you’re comfortable and all of your needs are met, that’s when boudoir magic happens.


Take Advantage of Our Pampering Experience

When you book your session, we offer an incredible pampering experience.  Depending upon which tier you choose (Ultimate, Diamond, or Rose), you can receive up to a three-hour connection session, including everything from a facial, to a mani/pedi, to a relaxing massage.  Personally, I can’t think of a better way to soothe your nerves, connect with your body, and help make you feel amazing prior to entering your shoot.


Remember Why You’re Doing This

Remember, this is your day.  Your session is a celebration of who you are, exactly as you are.  There’s a reason why you’re doing this, and more than often that reason is from the heart.  I’ve photographed women in all seasons of life with diverse reasons why they’re doing a boudoir shoot.  If you go into your session remembering your motivations, your goals, and how awesome you are, you’re gonna knock it out of the park.  Trust me.  Oh, and, you’re going to have the time of

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