Busting Excuses

Mar 28

No matter how confident (or not), you are, boudoir photography is likely on the outer edge of your comfort zone, if not completely outside it.  That doesn’t mean you can’t do it! On the contrary, boudoir can (and should) be a transformative experience, empowering you to take control of your body and sensuality.  While it may require you to push your personal boundaries, it can also act as a catalyst for personal growth. Boudoir isn’t just a fun romp in lingerie, it’s an experience every woman should have at least once in her life.  


It’s easy to talk about why you need boudoir, and it sounds exciting, but as it gets closer to becoming a reality the butterflies can intensify, creating doubts in your mind.  Those doubts can mess with your head on the day of your shoot, or even prevent you from booking one altogether. Here, we’ll offer some advice and help give you some perspective that may help ease your mind as the big day approaches.  


“I’m not where I want to be weight wise”

You Are Beautiful, Radiant, and Vibrant


One of the biggest reasons women give for feeling anxious about a boudoir session is a lack of confidence in their appearance.  We know that it’s easy to focus on your least favorite parts and aspects, especially when you spend so much of your energy, time, and resources giving to and caring for others.  Under the fluorescent lights of day-to-day life, no one looks their best all the time, and it’s normal and valid to have self-conscious feelings.


We urge you not to allow those feelings to dictate your decisions; while self-doubt is common and expected in situations that require you to be vulnerable, it doesn’t need to run your life.  Your body is beautiful and worthy of love and affection, as are you! You are so valuable to your loved ones, your community, and the world around you. A boudoir session is the perfect opportunity to take some time with yourself to celebrate your appearance as well as your inner beauty, sensuality, and power.  You are a babe, and you deserve to feel like one!


“I never feel sexy or sensual anymore”

You Will Look Your Best


Receiving the full hair and makeup experience for the first time can make anyone nervous.  No matter how confident you are, it’s difficult to trust someone else with something so personal.  Fortunately, our artists are seasoned professionals who have worked with women of all shapes, colors, and sizes.  They know how to enhance your features and make you look your absolute best on camera. Don’t panic when you see yourself in the mirror – the makeup may look heavier than what you’d normally wear in person, but on camera you will look flawless.


We’ll also help emphasize your best assets through lighting and poses.  Don’t know how to pose for a boudoir shoot? Don’t worry! We’ll guide you every step of the way and instruct you on how to move and position your body to get the best images of yourself.  This is why we encourage you to wear something that allows you freedom of movement – save the corsets for another time. The more comfortable you are, the better your final images will look.


“I have too much going on right now”

You Will Have Fun!


Boudoir isn’t a serious thing.  It’s about embracing your sensuality, yes, but that doesn’t mean the experience isn’t fun!  You’ll laugh and share stories with the photographer and makeup team, you’ll bond with the people helping you on create this art, and you’ll end the day with new friends.  You will look and feel incredible, and you will enjoy yourself!


You’ll also see your body and your sensuality in a whole new light, one you’ve likely never seen before.  Boudoir has the power to change your relationship with yourself and the skin you’re in, and that’s magical!  You’re creating an artistic expression of your feminine power, and that’s something to be celebrated. Get excited, girl!


“I don’t have all the money right now. “

Everyone can afford a session


Yes, a boudoir session IS an investment. It is also an investment in yourself. You are investing in your well-being and confidence as well! We do offer payment plans!  In order to book your shoot, there is a booking retainer, and after that we can set up your payment plan for the remaining so that it might be easier to book a shoot. If you have any questions about payment plans, shoot us an email while setting up your shoot.

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