Wednesday Woman: Lady K

Feb 20

A couple of weeks ago, I got the immense pleasure of having Lady K in for a boudoir session. The session was even more amazing than her pictures below.


Here’s her recap of her amazing experience:


“I booked my session in February with Keith.  I’m a pediatric nurse, EMT, and Red Cross volunteer, so taking are of others is what comes naturally to me — maybe you can tell!  

While I love my work and being a mom to my six kids (ages 7-24, who mean the world to me), like many women, I had gotten into the habit of putting my needs on the back burner.  I wanted to do a boudoir session because I wanted to take some time to focus on giving back to myself. Since I spend most of my time in scrubs or an EMT uniform (so flattering!), I just wanted to feel like a woman again.

Going into my session, I was terrified!  It was hard to get past the nerves and anxiety I was feeling at first.  I am a survivor of domestic abuse, and my experiences had really tanked my self-esteem.  I hadn’t felt beautiful or valuable in years, and while I was so looking forward to the shoot, I was also anxious about it.  

Those nerves started to fall away as I got more acquainted with Keith and his team.  His stylist did an absolutely wonderful job! When I saw myself in the mirror, I was amazed.  I had never felt prettier than I did in that moment! My styling and preparation experience really helped me relax and set a perfect tone for our session.  

Keith and his assistant were friendly and made me feel very at ease.  Keith’s assistant is female and is present for the entire shoot, which really helped put my mind at ease.  Both of them were very professional, but also fun! I felt comfortable with them and was treated with respect and dignity throughout the shoot, which I really appreciated.  

Keith showed me a few images right after he took them to let me see what I looked like.  I must have shown my disbelief on my face because he said with contagious excitement, “That’s you!”  From there, shooting got easier and easier. Keith and his assistant guided me through poses and gave me plenty of encouragement and positive feedback.  

I am so happy with my photos from my session!  They were ready sooner than I expected and I could not be more pleased with the quality of the images and the prints I ordered.  Looking at those photos is so empowering for me. It reminds me of how beautiful, worthy, and lovable I felt in that moment. I definitely left my session with a more positive body image than I walked in with, and those photos help me replenish that confidence when I start to doubt myself.  

My experience with Keith and his team was so positive and so meaningful.  I’m so happy that I had this opportunity and I cannot wait to schedule another session.  I would absolutely recommend Boudoir by Keith to a friend. In fact, I think everyone should do this!  It’s such an empowering and affirming experience that can change the way you see yourself.”



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