Wednesday Woman: Luxe Lady E.

Aug 7

One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to know the women I shoot.  I love hearing their life stories because every single story is different.  They’re daughters, mothers, grandmothers, sisters.  They’re all in different seasons of life. I particularly love hearing about why they’re choosing to do a boudoir session because every motivation is different.


While every story is different, there is one thing that pretty much all of my clients share though: fear.  When I say that 99% of women are absolutely terrified before they take the leap to book their shoot, I’m not lying! You’re not alone!  They almost didn’t do it… and they almost missed out on the experience of a lifetime.


I want you to know that you don’t have to hide behind that fear.  Use that fear to step outside of your comfort zone and allow for some real inner change to begin — and, when you take that leap, you grow… you become stronger and braver.  So, If something is terrifying but also sounds amazing, my advice is: always, always do it!  Just like Luxe Lady E. did.


About two months ago, I had the immense pleasure of shooting a new client, Luxe Lady, E.  Like so many women, she was interested in a boudoir shoot, but, in the midst of menopause and longing for her body from five years ago, she didn’t really feel confident enough to go through with it.  She was curious but so terrified.  A selfless single mom of four, she wanted to do something for herself.  So, one day she said “screw it” and booked her session.


She took that fear and turned it into something really beautiful and really powerful — and fell SO deep in love with herself.


“I felt pretty bad about myself before the photo shoot, but when I left I was empowered and proud of myself. After seeing the pictures, I realized that I’m not what I thought I was before I saw the pictures. I suggest that everybody just goes for it.  Don’t wait until you lose ten pounds. Don’t wait until you have someone to share your life with and show them to.  Just do it for you — especially if you’re over 40 because we’re badasses and we deserve this — but all women deserve it as well! You won’t be sorry.” – Luxe Lady E.


Thank you Lady E., for sharing your story… for your honesty… for allowing your fear to melt away and transform into something wonderful… for taking that chance to see you for you and experience that self-love that all women should have.  You left feeling empowered, in awe of your bravery, and loving yourself — and that’s the reason I love doing what I do.



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