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Jul 12

So, you might notice that things look a bit different.  Well, that’s because we’ve made a really exciting decision to change things up a bit.  First, allow me to introduce you to Le Femme Luxe, your revamped Philadelphia boudoir studio, where we’re taking boudoir photography up a notch.  This is so much more than a name change or a rebranding — we really want to amplify the level of luxury, comfort, support, and empowerment that our boudoir sessions provide, and the former brand just didn’t do it the level of justice that we were after.  We want your boudoir sessions to be more than a photo shoot. We want to make this an incredible, transformative experience for you, and my team and I are thrilled to take boudoir to the next level. So, welcome to Le Femme Luxe!


La femme luxe, or the luxurious woman.  When you think of a powerful, luxurious woman, you just can’t help thinking about Elizabeth Taylor.  (Hopefully you’re young enough to remember this goddess…)  To me, she embodies all of the female grace, strength, and glamor — she’s the epitome of a woman owning herself.  That’s the feeling that we want our clients to embody through this experience, one that allows you to bask in luxury and glamor, allowing you to walk out of your session feeling like a luxe lady.  So, we made some exciting changes to how your boudoir session begins, adding some new ways for you to feel your best and just take a break from daily life to feel totally pampered.


Now, when you book a session, you can indulge in a manicure, pedicure, massage, and facial — this is part of what we call the pampering experience, a way to help you feel comfortable and great in your skin before your shoot.  These additions help you to really embody the luxury and glamor of what Le Femme Luxe is all about, but they’re also a great way to begin your journey of reconnecting with yourself and your body — from your skin, to your toes, to your fingertips.  It’s about learning to love the skin you’re in, but also to just feel relaxed and enjoy being taken care of.


Through this, our goal is to give you the power to feel the way that you should every single day and see yourself as the rest of the world sees you… but we  know that sometimes life gets in the way of that.  This experience is for the fighters, the mothers, the women looking to reconnect with themselves and reclaim their female power.  This an experience that’s all about you, allowing you to love yourself no matter what season of life you’re in and allowing yourself to indulge.  You deserve it and you’re worthy of it, so give yourself permission to feel luxurious and fierce.  Go ahead and treat yourself!


These aren’t the only changes I’m making!  I’m currently working on expanding the studio, the catalog of products, and some exciting, new photoshoot themes.  So, be sure to stick around for all of these incredible updates — and, in the meantime, we hope that you enjoy taking a look around the new site!

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