Why Your Boudoir Session Needs a Pre-Consultation

Feb 6

You’ve made the decision, you’ve scheduled your shoot, and now you’re planning the details of your boudoir session!  You may feel like there’s a lot to do: you have to decide what your vision is for the shoot, pick a series of outfits, choose accessories – it can seem overwhelming.  Don’t stress! You’re going to have a wonderful experience and create beautiful, lasting memories. That said, the best way to get the most out of your boudoir experience is to take advantage of the pre-consultation.  Why? We’re glad you asked!


A Pre-Consultation Helps You Get to Know Us


A pre-consultation helps you get to know us as a team and allows us to answer any questions you may have.  You’ll learn what to expect at each step of the shoot, you’ll get to know our philosophy, and you’ll get personally acquainted with us.  You’ll also receive information about our different packages as well as the pricing for each.


During your pre-consultation, you’ll also get to see our work firsthand and work with the photographer to make a plan for how to best execute your artistic vision for your images.  You’ll get a feel for our style and see for yourself what the power of our lens can do. All the images you’ll see are of real women who loved their images so much, they wanted to share them with the world!


A Pre-Consultation Helps Us Get to Know You


The pre-consultation allows you to tell us all about your goals for the shoot, so that we’re all on the same creative page.  We’ll talk about the type and style of images you want to create, what you’re looking to showcase, and how to best achieve that vision.  We’ll also go over any questions you have, discussing any self-conscious areas or personal concerns.


We believe strongly in the deeply personal nature of boudoir.  For this reason, we want to get to know you! We know from experience that knowing not just your overall vision, but who you are as a person will give you the most from your images.  We want to showcase your personality and your unique and vibrant nature through your images, and getting to know you is the best way to do this.


You’ll Receive Answers to All Your Questions


If you have any reservations or concerns, the pre-consultation is the time to address them!  We’ll talk about anything you want to know, from what to expect before, during, and after your session to the types of products and packages we offer to pricing information, and everything in between.  


If you have any personal concerns or desires like retouching scars or cellulite, accommodating physical restrictions, or specific directions for your hair and makeup, we’ll address them as well.  Our goal with the pre-consultation is to ensure that everyone is on the same page; by the end of our time together, we’ll be fully on the same page and any and all questions you have will be answered.  


We’ll Work Together to Plan Your Session


Your pre-consultation is the perfect opportunity for us to team up and make a plan for your session.  This serves two purposes: first, it sets the expectations for the day of your shoot and allows you to tell us exactly what you want to accomplish with your images.  Second, it lets you know exactly what to expect the day of your shoot. Fully knowing what you’re in for can help you relax and ease your mind – you’re in good hands, we promise!


You’ll also be able to look at our product packages and decide what suits you best.  From aluminum prints to archival-quality photo albums to vintage 3D viewers, we have the perfect product to showcase your photos and carry an enduring reminder of your experience for many years to come.


A pre-consultation allows you to get the most from your boudoir experience, enhancing not just your final images but the quality of the experience itself.  Once you’ve experienced all the benefits a pre-consultation offers, you’ll be glad you took the time to meet with us. We look forward to creating with you!

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