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You are a work of art. Let me show you.


Hello Gorgeous!!! Welcome to Le Femme Luxe. We're a full-service boudoir photography studio specializing in helping you find and grow love for your soul, your body and your partner. Consider us your guide to your unapologetic self hiding deep within you. Are you ready to meet you?

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Your boudoir session is healing.. It's an incredible way to reignite your confidence and reconnect with yourself and your body… a way to shed away your insecurities, unleash your inner goddess, and forever treasure the experience with lasting photos that celebrate who you are. Your portraits will be an eternal reminder of your beauty, strength, courage, and fierceness. Your photos will tell the story of a woman who is fearless, owns who she is, and loves herself unconditionally.

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You probably hear boudoir and immediately think about lingerie, nudity and sex. None of which we promote as part of the experience. Boudoir is about taking the time to explore your own definition of beautiful. An introduction to your inner goddess. How that connection happens is really dependent on you, your style and your comfort level.  We are here to support you in this once in a lifetime transformative experience.

Luxe Lady IRIS

"I left feeling proud of myself and a little bit in awe of my bravery. I got my confidence back!"

Luxe Lady Cat

"My confidence has soared since having this session. They  made me feel like a model."

Luxe Lady Laura

"I never thought I could love by body again the way I did 15 years ago... Boy was I wrong."

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