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"Our sessions aren't focused on how little you wear. They're focused on you: your beauty, your personality, and your energy. You can be as covered up as you choose, or as free as you want to be in your birthday suit. We have several gorgeous robes you can wear over your lingerie, different blankets and sheets you can drape over your body, or you can always bring whatever makes you feel your best. It is your choice entirely."

closet clean out, consignment of eligible items, Goodwill donation, and suggested shopping list to fill in the holes in your wardrobe. (On average 2 hours with a max of 4 hours) +$25 with style and color analysis

Wardrobe Re-Haul

closet clean out, consignment of eligible items, Goodwill donation, and suggested shopping list to fill in the holes in your wardrobe. (On average 2 hours with a max of 4 hours) +$25 with style and color analysis

Event Styling

closet clean out, consignment of eligible items, Goodwill donation, and suggested shopping list to fill in the holes in your wardrobe. (On average 2 hours with a max of 4 hours) +$25 with style and color analysis

Event Styling

The first step of your experience is where we get to know each other. We'll discuss why you want this experience, ideas of how we can execute and when you would like to have your finished products. 

After our conversation, you will receive an email from me with the booking information, directions on how to schedule another conversation if you still have questions and a link to our free Boudoir Preparation Guide which will help you in your initial planning of the session.

You reach out and We have a quick consulation

Step 1: Phone Consult

After you pay your retainer, we will immediately begin to plan your love session. These sessions are customized experiences to cater to you. No two sessions are the same. This process starts with a conversation. The goal of that conversation is to help enlighten you on what's to come, for me to see your beauty through your eyes, and start planning your amazing images. We'll continue working on customizing your session and your outfits via emails. About a week before your session, we'll hop on the phone again to finalize all of our plans. This is where we may even do a virtual or in-person fitting session, just to be sure that you're all set.

this is where we start Planning all your details

Step 2: Planning

As soon as you arrive at the studio, all of our attention is on you To start the day, you’ll receive professional hair styling and makeup, not to make you beautiful (spoiler: we already think you are!). Next is your connection session, where your self-love vision comes to life. After choosing which outfits you feel best in, your two-hour boudoir photo shoot begins, where we’ll guide you through your journey to connect with yourself and release your inner goddess... to let go, embrace yourself, and transform into that fierce, fearless woman.We’ll laugh, we’ll dance, and we’ll definitely have some fun! Rest assured that we do not expect you to be a pro — as your dedicated team, we have your back and we’ll guide through how to pose and give constant direction to ensure that you’re looking your best from your head to the very tips of your toes.

The moment you turn into a supermodel Bombshell

Step 3: Session

Your intimate experience ends with the premiere, which is maybe the most exciting part of your day. This is the unveiling of your photos, where you get to see firsthand the fierce, fearless, beautiful woman that you are. This also happens to be our favorite part, you seeing yourself in this bold, beautiful, new light. It’s so powerful, and please be warned… we’ve seen our clients cry tears of joy upon the unveiling. This is also where you will claim your favorite photographs, and decide how you would like to cherish them forever. I will be there as your design consultant to help you design your artwork that you will treasure for years to come. Whether artwork is an album or a gorgeous wall art collection, it will become one of your most valued possessions.

You pop some bubbly and blow your mind

Step 4: Image Reveal


That's totally normal. You're in great hands! Our clients keep coming back for more because they end up loving this experience more than they ever expected to. We aim to go above and beyond for you, and you are SO worth it.


A full session includes a personalized experience from the moment you enter the studio. You will be pampered and cared for every step of the way, from the moment you walk into the studio to the moment you leave. We’ll start with hair and makeup, then move into wardrobe before beginning your session. Full sessions include as many outfit changes as you like and are tailored to suit your desires. From there, you’ll take a break to indulge yourself with a massage, lunch, or a movie before we come back to the studio to view your images together. You’ll decide which products you want to purchase and leave the studio with memories of an experience that will last a lifetime.  


This is largely up to you — the wonderful thing about self-love is it’s highly customizable and there’s an outfit out there for everyone. Are you looking to leave more to the imagination? Try an oversized button-down shirt or a silky robe to frame your curves while staying covered. Feeling more adventurous? Lingerie sets, teddies, bodysuits, and sexy shapewear can offer options for all body types and tastes. Dress them up with accessories like high heels, boots, jewelry, feathers, gloves, stockings — whatever you like! Make your outfit your own. Do you dare to bare it all? Going full nude, or donning a pair of heels and nothing else, is a very sensuous option and is suitable for all shapes and sizes. There are tons of options available for every comfort level.  


Yes, we do! We’re happy to work with you to make the experience of your dreams financially accessible. We offer several different payment plan options, so there’s bound to be a plan that suits your needs. Contact us for more information on the types of payment plans available. Bear in mind that no product will be delivered until payment is made in full.

when did you quit your job and start blogging?

You are welcome to bring a friend for the hair and makeup portion of the session. You may also bring a friend, partner, or spouse to meet me so that you both feel more comfortable going into the session. That said, moral support partners are not allowed in the studio while we are shooting. The reason for this is that having too many people in the studio detracts from the attention being focused on you — even a best friend can be a distraction.


Due to the intimate nature of self-love photography, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of their photos being shared with the general public, and that’s okay. Each photo in my portfolio has been released by the model, in writing. This means that they liked their photos so much, they wanted to share them with the world! If this is the case for you, wonderful! If not, you have no need to fear; your photos will remain private unless released in writing.

when did you quit your job and start blogging?

Light retouching is included in each session. We can remove stretch marks, scars, acne, bruising, cellulite, and any random marks. That said, we do not “take off 10 pounds!” with retouching. We work with each client to find poses and wardrobe choices that emphasize your best features and help you look and feel your most beautiful. If there’s something you’re particularly concerned about, let me know during the pre-consultation so that we can work together to minimize it.


"I booked this session as a gift for my husband. I thought this would be a great Valentine's day gift for him. He enjoyed the pictures but I'm the one that got the gift!"


"Before my photo session I would shy away from pictures. It had been a long time since I felt sexy. This brought my confidence back!"

LUXE LADY Jennifer

"I literally looked at those pictures and said that was not me, that woman is beautiful. But then I realized that woman is me. "