Wednesday Woman: Lady M (Part 2)

Feb 6

Every woman is unique in her personality, her body, and her goals for her images, and we love getting to work with such a diverse and vibrant group of women to create art that celebrates the power of the female form.  We especially love getting to work with women on a repeat basis, like our friend and muse Marie. We’ve had the privilege of enjoying many sessions with Marie over the years.


Open to Experimentation

Marie comes into the studio with a clear idea of what she wants to create in her photos, but that doesn’t stop her from remaining open to trying new things.  In fact, this openness is one of Marie’s defining characteristics: she is very comfortable in front of the camera and doesn’t feel insecure or shy about her body, so she is willing to try experimental poses that may be less “conventional.”  

Marie is willing to make herself vulnerable in front of the camera, and that vulnerability creates an undeniable element of intimacy in her images.  Sometimes, the results are downright steamy (check out some of the photos from her session to see what we mean!), but other times, the photos convey a subtle sensuality, a sense of ease and familiarity between lovers, that translates magically in photos.  


Playful Posing

One of the things that sets Marie apart is her playfulness in front of the camera.  She uses her body to create captivating lines (with some guidance from us, of course) and play up the curves and contours of her form.  Sometimes this means breaking from convention, moving in a way that feels unnatural but makes for a captivating, dynamic final image.

Marie is one to have fun with the shoot, as well, and we have to admit, it’s contagious!  She flirts with the camera through subtle glances and movements that evoke a sense of closeness and intimacy without ever getting too “serious.”  She’s comfortable being herself for the camera, and that comfort makes for outstanding images.


Natural Nude

Because Marie is so open and easy to shoot with, she is a natural for nude boudoir shots as well.  While full (or even implied) nudity isn’t for everyone, Marie makes it look effortless. 

It’s easy to look at a body like Marie’s and think, “Well, of course she doesn’t mind being nude!”  However, we need to point out that Marie’s images would be just as dynamite no matter what size she was.  Marie’s body is not what makes her pictures beautiful. It’s the vulnerability, sensuality, and fun energy she brings to the shoot that fill her images with that subtle magic.  Women of any size can take gorgeous  shots, the key ingredient is confidence! If you feel you don’t have the confidence just yet, no worries. You should still give boudoir a try. Many women are amazed at how much confidence they grew just going through the experience. 

We had so much fun with Marie creating these images, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did!  Take a peek at some of our favorite shots from her session to see what we mean. Her candor, confidence, and playful energy shine through in every frame; Marie is a wonderful woman that we’re proud to know and work with!




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  1. Nicole says:

    She is absolutely beautiful. These pictures are breath taking. Good job to even involved.

  2. Sandra says:

    Beautiful work. Beautiful woman.


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